The Fourth Space Internet Workshop SIW-4  

June 8-10, 2004

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SIW-4 Presentations


Session Title Presenter
Session A

Space Protocols
MST/MD: a Transport Layer Protocol that improves Large Data Set Transmission over Geo-Stationary Earth Orbit Satellites Paul D. Wiedemeier
and Harry W. Tyrer
Maximizing Data Volume for Direct to Ground Satellite Systems David A. Carek, P.E.
An Intelligent Internet Protocol Architecture for Space-Based Networks Ivan Thomas,
Brian Robinson
Including HDLC Framing in CCSDS Recommendations Keith Hogie
Embedded Transport Agents for Near-Earth Communications Timothy J. Salo
Charlie Younghusband,
Eric Edwards,
Joshua Lamorie
Session B

Space Networks
Air Force Satellite Control Network Interoperability Project John Pietras
NASA Space Network IP Services (SNIS) David J. Israel
Integrated Satellite Control Network
Top-Down and Bottom-Up Implementation
Richard A. Russel
Standard Interface For Satellite IP Networks Enrique Laborde
Session C

Onboard Applications
Building a Reliable Onboard Network Jane K. Marquart
The GPM Core Observatory Jonathan Wilmot
The Trade Between CCSDS and HDLC Framing on Global Precipitation Measurement David F. Everett
An Implementation of the CCSDS File Delivery Protocol
for the GPM Mission
Arturo Ferrer
Design of a Fault-Tolerant Link Establishment Protocol Stephen Horan and Giriprassad Deivasigamani
Session D

Spacecraft Nodes
Rodger Magness, et. al.
Update of the SSTL DMC Constellation Chris Jackson
Software-Defined Radio Ground Station for Internet-Protocol Communications to a Low Earth Orbit Nanosatellite Brendan Surrusco
Automated File Transfer and Storage Management
Concepts for Space
Ed Criscuolo
Space-based Telemetry And Range Safety (STARS) Using IP Ed Criscuolo
Session E

Applications Beyond Earth Orbit
Handbook for using IP protocols for Space Missions Keith Hogie
Cislunar Networking Working Group Report Keith Scott
Alaska Beacon - Adapting the Iridium Network
to Enable Search and Rescue
John Bystroff, Ignacio Gómez, Robert Kikta
Session F

Routing & Infrastructure
Does IPv6 Provide Benefits to Space Missions? Allen P. Holtz
Routing in Space: Getting Data from Here to There Allen P. Holtz
Space Communications Emulations Facility (SCEF):  Improving NASA Missions through Emulation James Stegeman
An Efficient Layer 2-Mesh Communications
Protocol for Space Sensor Networks
Esther H. Jennings
Reusable, Open Source, and Internet Enabled Software Development Tools for Efficient Small Satellite Design,
Mission Planning and Analysis
Eric Tapio
Session G

Network Architecture & Emulation
Dynamic Access for a Space Communications Network
with IP Functionality
Hui Zeng and
Michael Hadjitheodosiou*
End-to-End Network Modeling Using Terrestrial, Wireless and Satellite Components Ramon P. Williams
Deep Space Network Emulation Shaun Endres
An Integrated Model for Using Dynamic Link Space Communication Analysis Tool for High Latency Space Network Emulation of Martian Assets Debra L. Emmons
Web Services for Satellite Emulation Development Kathy J. Liszka
Demonstration of the TASC Rapid Architecture Development and Evaluation System (TRADES) Eliud Bonilla
DoD IPv6 - Net-Centric: The New Direction Dr. Chuck Lynch
Birds of a
Space Qualified Network Hardware Parmanter Guman
File Transfer Protocols Ed Criscuolo
Global Space/Ground IP Addressing Approaches Keith Hogie
IP in Space Handbook Jim Rash