Abstract/Paper Guideline


The basic instructions on formatting for the published proceedings are as follows: 

Papers should be no more than 10 pages in length including figures.  For publication on the web, an HTML version is preferred.


Poster inputs for publication should be no more than 10 pages in length. Graphics are welcome, but optional, provided they would be readable in the published version.  For publication on the web, an HTML version is preferred.

Workshop papers, including submissions for poster presentation, will be published both on the web and in a proceedings document. 


An electronic version of completed papers and poster materials are due at the workshop. Please email your completed papers and poster materials to 
by November 13, 2000.

Please provide the following information in your submission email:

[1] Principal Author/Contact (please provide the following information for the principal author and/or contact person for the submission: Name, Affiliation, Address, Phone Number, Email Address)
[2] Additional Authors (please provide the full names of all other authors of the submission)

[3] Do you have any special requirements or needs for your presentations? (internet connection, projector, etc.)

[4] Would you prefer to give this presentation in the form of a poster session? (yes or no)

[5] What is the general topic of your submission? (choose one from the following list: System Engineering, Mission and Program, Standards, Experimental Activities, Products/Services, New Mission Concepts & Requirements, Other [please explain])

[6] Title of Abstract

[7] Abstract (this should be a brief, 1-2 page synopsis of the larger paper)

[8] Comments (any further comments you wish to make to us regarding your presentation)

If you have any questions regarding submission of an abstract please contact Jim Rash (james.rash@gsfc.nasa.gov).

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