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Monday, Nov. 13 Tuesday, Nov 14 Wednesday, Nov. 15
9:00 Keynote -- Fred Baker, Cisco Systems Architecture -- 14, The Potential for Using LEO Telecommunications Constellations to Support Nanosatellite Formation Flying, Stephen Horan (New Mexico State Univ) Invited Talk (Earth Science): Ed Torres-Martinez (NASA/GSFC)
Architecture -- 36, Flight Linux: Enabling Migration of the Internet to Space-Based Systems, Pat Stakem (QSS Group, Inc.)
Architecture -- 18, The Ground Station Router Interface Device (GRID), Dave Israel (NASA/GSFC) Architecture -- 13, 3G - Wireless Solution, John Capulli (Motorola)
10:00 Panel Discussion: "Applications in Space Missions" -- Kul Bhasin, Space Technology Manager, High Rate Data Delivery, NASA/GRC Security -- 20, A Basis for Security Utilizing the Internet Protocol for Command and Telemetry of Spacecraft, Freemon Johnson III (NASA/GSFC), et al. Architecture -- 35, Crosslink Transceiver for Integrated Navigation and Communications in Distributed Spacecraft Systems, Patrick A. Stadter (JHU/APL)
Security -- 9, Endpoint Security Using Biometric Authentication for Secure Remote Mission Operations, John T. Donohue (NASA/GSFC), et al. Break & Discussion
Break & Discussion Protocols -- 11, Link and Routing Issues for Internet Protocols in Space, Keith Hogie (Computer Sciences Corp), et al.
Protocols -- 21, Intersatellite Links: Lower Layer Protocols for Autonomous Constellations, Kerri Kusza (Princeton Satellite Systems), et al. Protocols -- 1, A New Multicast Routing Scheme for IP-Based LEO Satellite Networks, Ian F. Akyildiz (Georgia Tech), et al.
Protocols -- 5, Transport Protocols and Applications for Internet Use in Space, Ed Criscuolo (Computer Sciences Corp), et al. Protocols -- 24, TCP-Peach: A New Flow Control Scheme for Satellite IP Networks, Giacomo Morabito (Georgia Tech), et al.
Protocols -- 12, Using a Generic XML Driven Translator for Downlink and Uplink Data, Tim Burch (Motorola) Protocols -- 31, On board Flight Network Development Activity at NASA GSFC, Richard G Schnurr (NASA/GSFC), et al.
12:00 Lunch & Discussion Lunch & Discussion Lunch & Invited Talk (Engineering): Rick Obenschain (NASA/GSFC)
1:00 Experiments -- 3, Internet Communications for Planetary Exploration, Stephen Braham (Simon Fraser Univ.), et al. Experiments --28, A Study of TCP Mechanisms for Distinguishing Losses Due to Errors vs. Losses Due to Congestion, Gregory Romaniak (Infinite Global Infrastructures), et al. Experiments -- 17, TDRSS' History as an Internet Service Provider, Dave Israel (NASA/GSFC)
1:20 Experiments -- 23, Use of the Internet to Expedite Early Integration on CHIPSat, Will Marchant (UC Berkeley), et al. Experiments -- 15, Integrating & Applying Internet Protocols with a Reconfigurable Software Radio --The Low Power Transceiver, William Horne (ITT Industries), et al. Experiments -- 26, Demonstrations of Internet Protocols in Space Using TDRSS, Frank Hallahan (Computer Sciences Corp), et al.
1:40 Experiments -- 27, Results of "Internet in Space" Tests Using the UoSAT-12 Satellite, James Rash (NASA/GSFC), et al. Experiments -- 33, Deployment Tests of COTS Networking Equipment in STS and ISS, Dan Shell (Cisco Systems), et al. Experiments -- 16, The NASA Space Network Demand Access System: A Building Block Toward the Space Internet, William Horne (ITT Industries), et al.
2:00 Experiments -- 7, A Testbed for Internet Based Operations, James Cutler (Stanford Univ.), et al. Experiments -- 4, High Rate TCP Communication over Geo-Stationary Distances, David Brooks (Infinite Global Infrastructures), et al. Experiments -- 32, Mobile-Router, Dan Shell (Cisco Systems) et al.
Break & Discussion Break & Discussion Break & Discussion
Operations -- 10, CHIPSat, 1st NASA UnEx Mission: Satellite Communications Via the Internet, Jason Gracilieri (SpaceDev), et al. Operations -- 22, Operations Concepts Enabled by Cooperating Internet Spacecraft, Jim Langston (Computer Sciences Corp) Panel Discussion: "Internet in Space Technology Roadmaps"
Operations -- 29, Operations Concepts for the Mars Relay Satellite, Tim Rykowski (NASA/GSFC), et al. Operations -- 34, SOMO Commercialization and the Space Internet, Jon M. Smith (NASA/JSC), et al.
Operations -- 25, "Faster, Better, Cheaper" - Benefits of Internet Protocols in Space, Ron Parise (Computer Sciences Corp), et al. CCSDS - 38 Presentation 1
Break & Discussion CCSDS - 39 Presentation 2
Architecture -- 2, Payload IP Networking With The Improved Space Architecture Concept, Dr. Carl J. Beckmann (Sanders), et al. Break & Discussion
Architecture -- 30, Flight System Architectures Using Internet Protocol Methods, Richard G Schnurr (NASA/GSFC) Invited Talk (Space Science): Ron Polidan (NASA/GSFC)
Architecture -- 6, File Management in Space, Anna R. Critchfield (Computer Sciences Corp)
Architecture -- 19, An IP Ground Station Architecture, Dave Israel (NASA/GSFC) Discussion  

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